mesin las geomembrane HDPE

Untuk menyambung geomembrane HDPE dibutuhkan 2 macam mesin las yaitu:

  1. Wedge welder machine, yaitu mesin kodok yang dipergunakan untuk menyambung area yang luas
  2. Extrusion welder gun, yaitu untuk menyambung / menambal bagian yang sempit / pojok

Sedangkan jika dilihat dari pemanasnya, mesin las geomembrane dapat dibagi menjadi:

  1. Hot air, yaitu dengan semburan udara panas pada bagian diantara geomembrane yang disambung
  2. Hot Metal, yaitu dengan metal panas yang ditempelkan di antara geomembrane yang disambung

Sebagai kontraktor pemasangan geomembrane, kami menggunakan mesin berkualitas guna menghasilkan mutu sambungan yang kuat. Mesin las geomembrane yang kami pergunakan adalah buatan DEMTECH, USA.

The Demtech Pro-Wedge XL

The PRO-Wedge XL, Model 500-0100XL/A Wedge Welder, manufactured by DEMTECH Services, Inc., is the new standard of the industry wedge welder for production welding HDPE geomembrane seams. Drawing from many years of experience in the plastic welding industry, we’ve designed features and functions into its design to satisfy the needs of the most demanding welding technicians on the most demanding job sites.Here are just a few of the many exclusive features that make the PRO-Wedge XL the heavy duty welder of choice for thick and/or textured PE materials:

Pro-Wedge XL Features

All common spare parts are completely interchangeable with a Wedge-it Series 2000 welder including the following:

  • Wedge Assembly
  • Gears & Sprockets
  • Shafts and Bearings
  • Nip Rollers, Chains
  • Contour Roller Assemblies
  • Temperature Controller
  • Motor Control Board
  • Solid State Relay
  • Speed Readout
Technical Specifications
Model Number : 500-0100XL/A
Weight (welder only) : 52 lbs. (23.5 kilos)
Shipping Weight : 66 lbs. (30 kilos)
Dimensions (welder only) : 16″x11″x12″ (40.6 x 28 x 30 cm)
Material Range : HDPE, LLDPE
Welding Range : 40-120 mil (1.0-3.0mm)
Operating Voltage : 110-250 VAC (Auto Switching)
Power Consumption : 1400W, 6-13 Amps
Packaging : Sturdy molded case w/foam insert

The Pro-XM Model 605-0100/A

Medium Output Extrusion Welder

The PRO-XM Model 605-0100/A Extrusion Welder, manufactured by DEMTECH Services, Inc., is the standard of the industry extrusion welder for detail and medium production welding of thermoplastic liners, pipe, rigid sheet stock, as well as many other plastic welding applications. Drawing from many years of experience in the plastic welding industry, we’ve designed features and functions into its design to satisfy the needs of the most demanding welding technicians.

Pro-XM Model 605-0100/A Features

  • Powerful Milwaukee brand drive motor well known for reliability.
  • Simple heating system design. No electronic controls
  • Custom roll guard hoods controls and switches protecting them from direct sunlight and accidental contact.
  • Electronic “cold start” protection prevents starting of motor before minimum operating temperature is reached.
  • Reliable Eron pre-heat air unit maintains accurate temperature and high air flow.
  • Ergonomic handle adjusts easily to different positions for right handed or left handed operation.
  • Handle doubles as a ”kick stand”, making it nearly impossible to tip welder over, preventing pre-heat air from burning a hole in the liner material.
  • Hardened screw and barrel promotes smooth flow rates with minimal load on the drive motor.
  • Non-Twisting rod feed design makes it easier to manage welding rod. Works with 4 or 5mm rod.
  • Teflon welding shoes are available in Demtech’s pre-machined design or “blanks”.
  • Lightweight… High output… Reliable… Affordable
Pro-XM Model 605-0100/A product image, full view.
Technical Specifications
Model Number : 605-0100/A
Weight (welder only) : 14.9 lbs. (6.7 kilos)
Shipping Weight : 35 lbs. (15.9 kilos)
Welding Rod Size : 4 or 5 mm Round
Output w/4mm Rod : 3.8 lbs. (1.7 kilos) per hour
Output w/5mm Rod : 5 lbs. (2.3 kilos) per hour
Material Range : PE, PP, PVC
Welding Range : 40 mil to 2″ wall thickness
Operating Voltage : 230VAC, single phase
Power Consumption : 3150W, 13.6 Amps @ 230VAC
Packaging : Sturdy molded case w/foam insert


Untuk pemasangan geomembrane HDPE di proyek anda, silakan hubungi kami:

0812 826 114 66
BB pin: 7F AB 24 OE

0857 77 52 77 50
0812 1991 69 53
BB pin: 7D 7C E8 57

0816 877 518
0813 8189 7820
BB pin: 24 DEF 685



Pemasangan geomembrane di pond sawit


Tentang rudyprmd

Pipa HDPE saat ini sudah mulai dikenal dimasyarakat. Pemakaian pipa HDPE saat ini tidak hanya untuk pipa air bersih, melainkan juga untuk pipa gas.
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